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How Can Our Endodontist Help?

Dr. Stuart with her female dental assistant checking the mouth of patient

Endodontists are specialists in saving teeth! It’s what Dr. Stuart…Learn more about our dentist… does all day, every day.

With two or more years of additional dental training, your Fishers endodontist is dedicated to maintaining the structure and look of your natural smile. It is with this aim that our caring doctor has carried out more than 80,000 successful root canals.

As one of only 3% of all dentists with the distinction of being an endodontist, Dr. Stuart has the experience and skill to repair your damaged tooth in the most comfortable manner possible.

It may be time to see an endodontist if:

  • You’re suffering from a toothache

  • You’ve damaged your tooth

  • The inside of your tooth has become infected
  • Your tooth becomes extremely sensitive to hot and cold

At Advanced EndoCare…Learn more about our on our homepage…, we have the specialists to care for your smile and provide you with unrivaled root canal therapy.

Dr. Stuart with her female dental assistant checking the mouth of patient
Our Difference
More Than 35 Years of Specialist Experience

Discover our modern approach to endodontics in Fishers, IN.

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We Love What We Do

Endodontics is a unique mixture of art and science. It’s this balance that makes our job so interesting. However, the enjoyment factor comes from helping you be free of pain and happy with your smile.

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Minimizing Pain

Root canal therapy’s primary goal is to remove ANY pain while restoring the integrity of your tooth. When you visit our office, we’ll use advanced techniques and modern technology to minimize your discomfort and guide you back to health.

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All About YOU

As a patient-first office, we’ve taken additional steps to ensure you feel relaxed and at ease during every stage of your visit. Our team has worked with many anxious patients, so we understand how to adapt to various comfort levels and individual needs.

Every single person in this office is kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. It was a smooth process all-around, and I would highly recommend them!

Adam S. (Actual Patient)

Advanced EndoCare

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