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We understand life is busy and we don’t want you to book time out of your schedule unnecessarily. Therefore, Advanced EndoCare is excited to offer virtual consultations as your first step into endodontics.

These COMPLIMENTARY virtual consultations are designed to assess:

  • Traumatic injuries (need immediate attention typically)

  • Toothaches that potentially require a root canal

  • Swellings

  • Atypical looking intraoral tissue

  • Loose tooth fragments or crowns

If you have a dental emergency i.e. if you need urgent care then please contact us directly at (317) 578-2224.

How the Virtual Consultation Works

Just complete these three simple steps!
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Step 1

In the form below, please upload a selfie and a close-up of your affected tooth/teeth in a PNG, JPG, or PDF.

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Step 2

In the comment box, tell us what your question or concern is and provide any helpful information.

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Step 3

Our specialist will reach out to schedule a virtual consultation.

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