Are you unsure if your dental question or concern warrants an appointment?

Are you in pain and don’t want to wait for an appointment to figure out what to do?

Are you short on time and just want an easy answer?

If so, this blog is for you!

With teledentistry, you can talk to a dentist online without having to schedule an in-office appointment.

A lot of practices, like ours, even offer this service to new patients!

At Advanced EndoCare, we offer virtual endodontic consultations so you can address your dental needs in a timely fashion without the commitment or fees from physically visiting the office.

The cherry on top:

You can talk to our endodontists in Fishers, IN free of charge!

A patient in a pink jacket, white top, and black backpack talking to a dentist online on her phone

How does it work?

Our dental office specializes in endodontics, which means we save teeth and get you out of pain.

The complimentary virtual consultation we offer is most suitable if you have:

  • A toothache or pain in your mouth
  • Swelling
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • An infection inside your tooth
  • Atypical looking intraoral tissue
  • Loose tooth fragments or crowns
  • Damage to your tooth
  • Received an endodontic recommendation (like a root canal procedure) and want a second opinion

If you have a dental emergency and need immediate attention, call us directly at (317) 578-2224.

How to request a virtual consultation

We’ve made the process to talk to an endodontist online super easy:

Step 1. Take a selfie and close-up of your smile. Being able to see your smile will help us provide you with a more accurate recommendation.


Step 2. Tell us what your question or concern is and provide any helpful information.


Step 3. An endodontic specialist will reach out to schedule your virtual consultation.


Ready to request your virtual consultation?

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The perks of talking to an endodontist online

We wouldn’t be surprised if teledentistry becomes the new norm for initial consultations. Why?

Here are some of the top benefits of talking to an endodontist virtually!

  1. Easy: All you have to do is send us a couple of pictures and fill out the form. Then we’ll find a convenient time to talk.
  2. Quick advice: You’ll get immediate answers on what to do next, which can be crucial if you’re in discomfort or have a time-sensitive problem.
  3. Save time: You’ll save time from not driving to and from the dental office. You won’t have to wait days or weeks for an in-office consultation.
  4. Complimentary: At Advanced EndoCare, our virtual consultations are free of charge. We simply want to help you!
  5. Save money: Not only will you save money from avoiding a potentially unnecessary in-office visit, but you’ll also save on gas, not having to take time off work, finding childcare, etc.
  6. Social distancing: Currently, staying home for appointments like these will help us all reduce the risk of spreading any illnesses.

What can you expect during the consultation?

First, we’ll address your question or concern.

Then we’ll provide our recommendations, which will likely include:

  • Next steps
  • Tips to ease pain
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Potential costs
  • Risks if you delay dental care

With many endodontic-related cases, you’ll still need to visit us for a thorough evaluation. However, having a virtual consultation first can help you determine the urgency of your problem and any potential risks.

For example, if you’re experiencing heightened tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, you may need a root canal. We’ll likely recommend you to visit an endodontist as soon as possible, but we’ll also warn you of the risks if you wait.

Often, the longer you delay getting a root canal, the more likely you are to experience worse symptoms and pain. You also increase your risk of damaging the tooth beyond repair.

This can result in the permanent loss of your tooth and a higher dental bill to replace your tooth than if you had gotten a root canal.

P.S. Root canals are not as painful as you might think, and Dr. Kathryn Stuart has over 80,000 successful root canal cases.

Just remember:

We’re specialists in saving your teeth and getting you out of dental pain.

You can trust our recommendations have your best interest in mind from a financial, aesthetic, and overall health perspective. We want to see you smiling for years to come.

Talk to our endodontists virtually

Our award-winning specialists take a comfortable approach to traditional endodontics. We want to help you get out of pain as comfortably as possible and in a timely manner.

Speak with one of our trusted endodontists from the comfort of your home. We’ll provide you with our honest recommendations and answer any questions you have.

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Our endodontic office is based in Fisher, IN and serves communities all over the greater Indianapolis area. We’re always accepting new patients and referrals!