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Yes, it is safe to visit your dentist or endodontist during COVID-19.

Dental offices have always employed the highest regard for infection control standards, especially given the nature of the dentistry that puts staff and patients in such close proximity to one another.

With that said, we understand you may still have reservations about scheduling a dental appointment during the coronavirus.

In this blog, we’ll elaborate on the added dental safety measures we’re taking at Advanced EndoCare.

What we’ve always done to keep you safe

Prior to the current pandemic, our Fishers endodontists were already enforcing universal and standard precautions. These protocols are in place to ensure bodily fluids, like droplets from dental treatment, are not passed onto others.

We also follow guidelines recommended by the American Dental Association… This text opens a new tab to the ADA website…, Centers for Disease Contol and Prevention… This text opens a new tab to the CDC website…, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration… This text opens a new tab to the OSHA website….

We’re confident that with our added infection control measures below, you can safely and confidently receive your endodontic dental care during COVID-19.

Extra steps we’re taking for your protection

We’ve invested in some of the best infection control technology and equipment, as well as added new protocols to keep you safe. Here’s a general preview of each:

The Jade Air Purifier on the left and the Extraoral Dental Suction on the right.

Industry-leading air purifiers

We’ve added Surgically Clean Air’s Jade Air Purification System… This text opens a new tab to the official website… (pictured above on the left) to every treatment room, the waiting room, and the sterilization room.

It’s one of the most advanced and effective air purification systems on the market today.

The air purifier has a multi-stage filtration system, which captures air pollutants and filters 99.998% of particles. It changes air six times per hour and re-energizes the air by charging with negative ions.

Was does this mean for you?

The air you breathe in our office is clean and sterile. Your risk of cross-contamination via air is significantly reduced.

High-efficiency dental suction equipment

To ensure your dental treatments are performed in the safest manner, we’ve added the Extraoral Dental Suction System… This text opens a new tab to the equipment’s website… (pictured above on the right).

The new dental equipment removes a high volume of droplets and aerosols produced during treatment. This will reduce the risk of spreading infections and keep the air clean.

A social distancing schedule

We’ve altered our schedule to minimize the number of people in the office at once and allow time to thoroughly disinfect in between patients.

This may impact appointment availability, so we encourage you to book your appointments in advance.

Prescreening questions

Before your appointment, we’ll ask you a series of COVID-related questions, like how you’re feeling and where you’ve recently been.

If you pose a risk to others, we’ll ask you to reschedule your appointment.

Parking lot waiting room

To social distance and keep the office as clean as possible, we’ve temporarily closed our waiting room.

Instead, we’re asking you to wait in your car and call us to check-in.

We’re also limiting who can enter the office and ask that you don’t bring guests with you. Exceptions will be made for dependants.

Face masks

Please come wearing a mask or face covering. We’ll let you know when it’s time to remove it for your procedure.

You’ll notice that everyone on our team will be wearing face masks, and our clinical team will also be outfitted with personal protective equipment.

Temperature checks

Upon arrival, we’ll check your temperature and measure your saturated oxygen (SaO2) level. Again, if you pose a risk to others, we’ll ask you to reschedule your visit.

This protocol goes for our team as well with daily temperature and SaO2 checks.

Online payments and paperwork

To limit contact, most of our paperwork is available online. You can also complete any payments online too.

However, we also encourage you to bring your own pen in case it’s needed.

Stay tuned for more

As new recommendations and research become available, we’ll update our protocols to ensure we’re operating at the best level for your protection.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can watch Dr. Stuart‘s RTV6 interview on how our office is leading the way for dentists and endodontists in Fishers and the greater Indianapolis area.

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Maintaining your dental care is vital to your overall health. Untreated dental problems can lead to serious life-threatening complications, like heart attacks.

We encourage you to keep visiting your dentist or endodontist during the pandemic, and if you’re unsure, contact us for personal recommendations on what to do.

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